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Helping ordinary people get extraordinary results


His faith comes through in

everything he does

Matt Rush - Author/speaker

Thank you for your commitment to making a

difference in the lives of others

Amanda Ferris - Beeing Blessed project

Just went thru his training on goal-setting. Changed my perspective on planning and goal setting.
Mark Large - Regional Manager Primerica

You are a TRUE Difference Maker

Michelle Prince - Prince Performance

Your humility speaks strongly about you especially with so many wonderful accomplishments.

Richard Morris - Richard Morris Seminars

You encouraged me  

that meant the world to me

Robin Corbin - Arbonne.

Michael, I always enjoy reading your papers.  They are thoughtful, concise and interesting.  I’m glad you feel comfortable to gently challenge the text and course.


"Well done, Michael" 

Your writing style is easy to follow and you offer solid insights.


"Exceptionally well-written"

Gregory Long - MVNU

Thank you for all you do for RFC!!!

Ron & Theresa - Racers for Christ

Thanks for all your support and the respect you have shown me throughout the session.

Jetter School of Business

"Great Seminar !!"

Chimine Locke - RVP at Primerica

Mike is a great presenter. I like his interactive style. 

Nancy - Pearson Publishing