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Helping ordinary people get extraordinary results



We are authorized, certified, and equipped to deliver 3 distinct programs through the Ziglar, Inc. These programs are based on the timeless principles taught by Zig Ziglar about achieving goals, building winning relationships, and personal development.

We also offer training in the areas of leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, business development, basic sales, sales         management, and network marketing. We have special knowledge and experience with the financial service industry, automotive parts and service, manufacturing, network marketing, and direct sales. We have the capabilities of designing custom training programs to meet specific needs.

Public Speaking  

One of our secrets is that we fully engaged with the audience as we fully embrace sharing the message. We don't give speeches, we communicate openly with honest intention and sincere interest in our topic and our audience. We have given countless presentations to groups ranging from small to large. We have presented to small companies, large corporations, organizations, churches, and at events. We have the ability to do anything from keynote speeches to full day events to multiple day events. Our presentations can be based on the principles taught by Zig Ziglar or a customized message developed for your audience. .


The best athletes in the world have coaches to improve their performance... Why would business be any different?

Whether you are a business executive, sales professional, sales manager, a leader, or an individual looking to improve their performance or just achieve balance, our programs are for you. The Zig Ziglar Legacy programs help even the most driven professionals achieve balance in life. Balance leads to long-term success in all areas of life. Those achieving balanced success in life are the leaders who are most successful in motivating others. The Ziglar Legacy approach is a must for every executive motivated in leading their entire team towards success! Executive, sales, leadership and life coaching and accountability programs are available.

Custom Services

We offer many performance enhancing programs that can be customized to your organization. We offer consulting services based on how Zig Ziglar promoted a view of success that transcended business. In fact, by embracing success in all areas of life, Zig was able to help millions become more successful in business. Similarly, the Ziglar Legacy programs transcend any one specific area of business. For a free consultation on how our programs and services can help you achieve you goals, contact me directly.

Ministry Services

We offer many programs to enhance and help grow your ministry. We can offer a different voice for your message as a special guest speaker, for a special occasion or for a special Bible study. We can create customized messages for your organization or use one of our inspirational messages. 

"You can have everything in life you want, if you'll just help enough other people get what they want."  Zig Ziglar