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 Our programs are presented by proven sales champions with proven track records..

Results by Mike offers a variety of training programs.

Our training programs in the areas of leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, business

development, management, and network marketing. 

Results by Mike offers comprehensive sales and sales management programs. The selling industry has changed and today's sales professionals and sales managers need the proper training in order to excel. Many managers and owners believe that sales training courses don’t work or are not worth the money and time.  In a lot of instances, they are right… Sending experienced sales professionals to basic training is a waste of resources and time. We believe that anyone can become a better salesperson but it will take learning modern techniques and coaching plus an accountability system.

Special expertise and knowledge in:

  • Financial services
  • Insurance Sales
  • Investing Sales
  • Lending Sales
  • ​Motorsports 
  • Automotive Parts Sales
  • Automotive Service Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Network Marketing
  • Direct Sales

We believe that sales professionals will not implement new techniques that require leaving their comfort zone without reinforcement and motivation.  Our programs are designed to provide the right motivation to make the changes.

We see selling as a discipline that draws on a combination of insights into psychology, strategy, skills, and best practices. 

Whether you're seeking to improve your sales performance at a tactical level or by making changes on a more strategic level, we'll provide you with the experience and expertise to generate improved sales performance.

We provide personalized and interactive training experiences for entire sales teams and 1-day sales training workshops for individuals and small groups.

Sales Training.